How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Every hair restoration clinic claims to provide the best hair transplant services. But do higher cost clinics produce superior results? What is the actual price range of hair transplant surgery and should cost be a determining factor on which surgeon one should select for their procedure?

In this article, we discuss variables associated with hair transplant cost and approximately how much you might need to spend if you choose to undergo hair restoration surgery.

Hair transplant costs vary and depend on a number of factors. Below, we’ve listed and described several variables.

Type Of Hair Transplant Procedure Affects Cost

One of the chief variables is the technique used by the surgeon. For instance, follicular unit excision (FUE) is typically more expensive than follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS).

Because follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area (typically the sides and back of the scalp but sometimes various parts of the body) during follicular unit excision, FUE requires more skill and is more tedious and time-consuming than FUSS. As a result, costs are typically higher for patients who select FUE hair transplant surgery.

Selecting a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cost

Each hair transplant surgeon and clinic operates independently and charges their own fees and initiates their own pricing structure. As a result, a patient who undergoes the same exact procedure with the same number of grafts harvested and transplanted will likely pay more at one clinic then another. Reasons for the difference in pricing structure vary however, they include location, competition, cost-of-living, etc.

However, selecting a surgeon based solely on price is a bad idea. Instead, prospective patients are encouraged to choose a surgeon based on a proven ability to perform state of the art hair transplant surgery with outstanding results. The best place to begin researching Physicians is the hair restoration forum and social community.

The Number Of Grafts Affects Hair Transplant Cost.

In order to achieve maximum fullness, patients may require varying numbers of follicular units to achieve their goals. And since clinics typically charge per follicular unit, the cost can vary greatly and be much greater for somebody who receives 4000 grafts versus only 2000.

Actual Hair Transplant Costs

Typically, a hair restoration surgeon will charge between $2 and $5 per follicular unit via FUSS while FUE usually ranges between $6 and $10 per graft. So as an example, a patient who needs 4000 grafts via FUSS might pay between $8000 and $20,000 while an FUE patient would pay between $24,000 and $40,000 for the same number of grafts. However, a patient who requires only 1000 grafts would likely pay only a quarter of those costs.

As you can see, the price range is pretty wide and many variables as described above can influence the final cost.